Saturday, July 24, 2010

Enrique the matador

A project 350 assignment with a bit of chuck jones humor.

case of the mondays updated

A four week assignment for ani 350. Refinement is needed but its heading in the right direction.

you know

A four week assignment for ani 300. Kinda made me wanna go to mcdonalds.

jeremy the apprentice

My project 300 final. About 4 months of work on top of other classes. I'm happy with the results.

warehouse in seattle

My first attempt at recreating a warehouse building in Seattle. Its a lot harder than it looks, especially texturing. Although I did have a lot of fun modeling.

Makoto model sheet

Makoto, the hero for the story Bonanzai. A mix of samurai and cowboy culture.


Makoto's dog okami for character design class. In the style of Genndy Tartakovsky.

sly cooper inspiration

based on a sly cooper concept our assignment was to do a look and feel painting telling a story. I really like lou romano cause his colors and compositions are so fantastic.