Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Case of the Mondays

So this is a block in for ani 350. We were given an audio clip for this assignment, in this case "the case of the mondays" clip from Office Space. I made the character a selfish policewoman who obviously has no sympathy for the victim in this clip.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

pencil sharpener

Object animation for ani 300. I really enjoyed playing the character on this one.


well, its suppose to be an actual pie, not an empty one.

Robotic stork

stork animation for midterms in a streamline style.

Giraffe animation

Just a giraffe minding his own business and munching on a delicious leaf

A 3d animation for CG275.


The great matador, Enrique, waves towards his adoring fans.


concept piece for my 3d animation

Jerry Phelps

model sheet of the character, Jerry Phelps, who is very energetic and sports orientated.

Ozma of OZ

I painted this for my sister for Christmas and wanted to see if I could pull of a watercolor feel.

Alien Interloper

Painted this piece in a "Zelda WindWaker" style


I did this in CG201 for our landscape assignment

Graffit art

yeah so I tried a hand at graffiti art and I think it went pretty well.