Friday, March 25, 2011

Shot_16 of Lost City Productions Unikil

So this is the final shot in the trailer and probably one of the most important shots so no pressure right? This is a cut away action of the kid jumping across a huge chasm and landing on the edge. The facial expressions haven't been added to the character yet so he doesn't look as scared as he should be.

Shot_08 of Lost City Productions Unikil

In this shot we see the boy being sad until his father gives him a soft pat on the head to comfort him. What I find challenging in this shot is the placement of the dad's hand on the boy's head . Also animating the wrist so the skin doesn't stretch too much.

Shot_04 of Lost City Productions Unikil

This shot is newly added to our trailer to give emotion for our father character. In this shot he is holding the locket of his deceased wife.

Lost City Productions Unikil Animations

So I animated both the father and the son in this scene of the trailer for our senior project Unikil.
Its still in the blocked in stage but I plan on whiplashing the boy as he's shoved aside and having the dad grip on the boy's shoulder as he pushes himself forward